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A Stuck Car? We Will Winch You Out!

If your car is stuck and you need help to get back on the surface, do not panic and call our helpline immediately.

It Is Scary to get stuck.

Being stuck in a car, at an unknown place, is scary when you know that you cannot control your situation and realize that you need proper help. If it ever happens to you, you need to remember one thing. DO NOT PANIC.

Panicking in time of crisis only makes the situation worse.

Here is what you need to do. Pick up the tel phone and dial our number. (917)677-5244.

Snow. Mud.Water.

We can Conquer All!

Whatever is the place where you are stuck, be it mud, water, a ditch or snow. Towing Big Apple services are here for you. We have all kinds of towing equipment fit for your particular situation.



Towing Big Apple Service providers are available for you at all times. We respond to your distress calls immediately. We bring relief to stuck cars and their drivers in the New York, NY 10037 area.

Early in the morning or late at night, Call us the moment you find yourself in a difficult situation.

Pay Only For the Service You Avail

Flat rate up-front. We do not scam our clients into paying more than they should. there are No extra charges for non-members.

We bring help to people in trouble. Winching them out of the ditch, snow, mud or water is our job. It is highly unethical to take advantage of someone who is in need of help.

Better be Safe than Sorry

Save Our Number in Your Phones

Save our helpline number (917)677-5244 in your speed dial list. It is the quickest and easiest way to reach for help. Open your speed dial log and touch Towing Big Apple Services and your phone will make a call directly to our helpline.

We Take the Fastest Route to You

Towing Big Apple Service providers are aware of your situation. We rush to your location immediately after you call us. A quick response on roadside assistance is our top priority.

Help Us Find You

To reach you fast, we need to know your exact location. Help us find where you are stuck.

You can send us a pin location on google maps.

Describe your surroundings to us, in as much detail as you can.


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